Car Go Taxi: 434.531.9102

Diamond Taxi: 434.566.4373

Eagle Taxi: 434.566.4611

Express Cab: 434.825.4288

iTaxi: 434.327.6622

Mario’s Cab: 434.989.9862

Rick’s Taxi: 434.409.1369

Star Taxi: 434.409.4451

Union Taxi: 434.459.1643

Yellow Cab: 434.295.4131


(Charlottesville, VA) – The Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Authority (“CHO Airport” or “CHO”) will be opening walk-up taxi permitting to all licensed commercial taxis for a 12 month period beginning December 13, 2021.

The COVID19 pandemic has caused a reduction of available taxis during the busiest scheduled flight times at the airport. To correct this issue, CHO is inviting local taxi drivers to apply for a 2022 permit for walk-up taxi services.

The 2022 permitting application fee will cost $250 and will allow that taxi provider to stage in an authorized location that passengers will be directed to when they arrive and are looking for available taxis.

“For the past several years, Yellow Cab has served as CHO’s sole contracted provider. We thank them for their continued service.” Stated Jason Burch, Deputy Executive Director. “It has been quite a struggle to maintain available taxis during the pandemic and we believe that by adding additional taxis we will better provide added convenience to our passenger’s experience.”

 The permitting will begin Monday, December 13th at 0800. It will be based on a reservation schedule. Please contact the on-duty public safety office to confirm an appointment at 434.981.4152.


Permitting Documentation: