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Charlottesville Albemarle Airport

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CHO’s Runway is Groovy

If you are flying to or from CHO today there is a good chance you will be flying in the rain. What you may not notice is that the 6000 foot runway you’re using has grooves.

Grooves on the runway at CHO airportThe purpose of grooving is to help shed water from the runway to eliminate hydroplaning. The grooves also present a rougher surface to aircraft tires, increasing traction. This results in shorter braking distance of aircraft on wet pavement. According to the FAA and from our own observations, grooved surfaces drastically reduce all types of skids on runways during inclement weather such as rain or snow. Next time you fly out of CHO, take a look at the runway. You won’t see anything as groovy on the road.

Stay tuned to learn how CHO handles snow!

Aircraft on the runway at CHO in the rain


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