CHO Airport

CHO 60th Anniversary

Charlottesville Albemarle Airport opened at its current location in 1955. Originally consisting of one 100′ wide strip of runway serviced by one airline, the Airport has grown to support over 470,000 passengers a year traveling on our four major airline carriers through our six direct destinations to locations around the world.

We our proud of our history and our ability to contribute to the local community and economy. We are a self-sustaining airport that uses no local tax dollars in our daily operations. These daily activities add up to over $120 million in annual economic activity generated and 1200 new jobs added to the economy annually.

We are appreciative of everyone who has helped us sustain and grow over the past 60 years. Especially the local community and our airline partners including Piedmont Airlines, which began service with us in our inaugural year 1955 and still operates today as US Airways. We look forward to celebrating with you this year and continuing to serve the community for the next 60 years.